Thank you! You guys have been an amazing organization to work with for the last 15 years. You have gone above and beyond in numerous occasions to help us meet our deadlines to clear our cargo in a timely manner. Not only that, Florida Imports offered us the best rate for the great service and support they provide. Needless to say, don’t look any further and hire this company to be your customs broker.

Exclusive Wood Doors, Inc Fernando Nisenbaum, President

We have received quality service from this organization for about 13 years. They have always been available to assist us, and have promptly responded to our needs.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo Eduardo Beorlegui, Operations Manager

My company has used some of the services provided by Florida Imports for   about 11 years. I have been extremely satisfied by the excellent service we have received throughout all these years. It has been a pleasure doing business with Ana and her colleagues. It is great to be associated with a company that we can trust, that is reliable and offers a great deal of support when addressing our questions or concerns. The staff at this company really goes outside the box to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Riverhead, New York Bill Bianchi, President

 Florida Imports is an organization who deals with clients on a one to one basis and is timely efficient in expediting your cargo clearance. I strongly advise to  work with Ana Navarro!

Orso Industries, LLC Paolo Orsolini, President

Florida Imports is the company you want to hire, if you are just starting your importing business. I contacted this company after it was referred to me by one of their clients. I live in Spain and I was going to begin importing products from Spain to the United States. I didn’t know where to start. Some times the importing process can be intimidating and complex, if it is your first time doing it. I guess, I have to thank my friend for recommending this company. The staff that works for this company does an extraordinary job. They educated and guided me and my partner regarding some laws or regulations that were applicable to the product we were going to be importing

Importaciones Communitarias, S.L Ciro Rios Ortiz, President

Forget the other customs clearance brokers. Florida Imports is the most competitively priced and offered unrivaled customer services

EWheels, Inc. Jason McNeil, President

I had the best experience with Florida Imports. This was the first company that treated me with respect and attention. They made me feel like my business needs were important to them. It was my first transaction. Chris, Ana and their staff provide an impeccable service for their clients. They were always there to answer my questions, even after business hours. They are very professional, extremely pleasant and friendly to deal with.

I had such a bad experience when I contacted other customs brokers. They didn’t seem to have any customer service experience. It seems that the main focus for these other companies was to make money. Chris and Ana, I wish you the best. You are the the most professional team around and you deserve to be recognized as such. Thank you guys!

EZ Import & Export, Inc. Luciana Bonetti

Florida Imports is a very reliable and prompt customhouse broker. Ana and Chris handle our imports with a great degree of professionalism and at a cost-efficient

Parallel 33/Zoom Roses Edith Toman, Office Manager

I have been a client of Florida Imports for over 14 years. Our company has received quality and personal service in every regards. They got you cover every step of the way, to make sure that your cargo clears U.S. Customs in a timely manner. I have to say that Christianne is probably the most professional and patient business person I have dealt with. She is extremely accommodating and very supportive when you need her help. You can take heart in the fact, that this organization legitimately cares about their customers best interest and their success in their businesses. This is a company that doesn’t just see you as a means to make money. You can tell that they do care about every individual customer. Great company to do business with!

American Supply Group, LLC Patricia Yates, President

We were looking for a good customs brokerage company to handle the clearance of cargo for our clients. We did some research and talked to some people. One of my colleague was already doing business with Florida Imports. She told me about her satisfactory experience with the services she was receiving from them. I arranged a meeting with both partners Christianne and Ana. The decision was easy after meeting them. The quality of work and personal attention you get from the owners and from the people working for this company is second to none. It is very rare now days to receive such a quality service, combined with excellent customer service.

Intorvolca Logistics, LLC Javier Volcanes, President

American Supply Group has been using Florida Imports Chb., services since 2003. They have been taken care of all our imports of dry food coming from Europe and South America. During all these years, we have had the luck to work with a company with a very unique attribute…it’s what we call a “company with a face.” The way Christianne and Ana lead their organization has allowed us to obtain a very direct and personal service, which it is so important.

They are the face of the company. Even though, they are supported by a team of reliable and competent professionals. As owners of the company, they have understood our business requirements and objectives. They have worked diligently on our behalf focusing on supplying our business needs. We are extremely grateful with this company by the outstanding service and support we have received during these 14 years.

The assistance provided has exceeded our expectations in the innumerable importations or transactions that have been executed during all these years. If you are looking for a customs broker with a remarkable trajectory, a great reputation; a company that will treat you with the respect that you are entitle to receive as a customer, then, don’t look any further, you just found it!

American Supply Group, LLC Patricia Yates, President

As an importer, I had a lot of questions and concerns with clearing my container. Chris and Ana were an absolute pleasure to work with, and helped walk me through the process with extreme care. I will be using their services in the future, and would recommend them to anyone in need of import services.

Owner James Stone Kyker